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         "Just a Little Talk With Jesus"
                    (Concert Video)

Video: Donna Polston


“If you have not attended a “Virginia Harmonheirs” concert, go!  You will never regret or forget!  We have been faithful followers for several years and cannot adequately tell you how beautiful the vocals and harmonies are of these three men and one young lady.

We believe their southern gospel music will be sung in heaven.”   

                                             Bill and Nora Thompson

"I've been around the music business for more than three decades.  I have been involved as producer and/or performer in several vocal groups.

As with all forms of art, some people have great talent, some have amazing dedication and some have both.  It's a very select few who have talent, dedication and one other, indefinable thing.  When that happens, they not only entertain, but they do so with a sound that becomes uniquely their own.

The Harmonheirs is one such group.  Like The Beatles, The Eagles and others, each individual is talented and can sing.  But when they harmonize, there is a sound created that is like a newly-invented instrument...and we all wanna play it.

Kudos to the gang entire.

Please do not stop making that sound.  Together, you are inspiring a whole new generation."

                                                       Tommy Clohessy

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